Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty (TTBB, a cappella)
Our God Reigns (worship song)
Paris Weekend #1
Paris Weekend #2
Parson's Bench
Pavane (Opus 50) (violin/cello duet)
Philippians - A Love Letter (album - zip set of mp3s)
Philippians - A Love Letter (musical)
Piece for Megan (piano solo)
Piper Comanches
Pizzitango (string orchestra)
Praise To Thee and Adoration (cello duet)
Prelude Opus 3 No. 2 (brass quintet)
Prelude Opus 3 No. 2 (saxophone quintet)
Psalm 150 (SATB, piano, optional small orchestra)
Rejoice in the Lord (and) Hallelujah (SATB)
Rejoice in the Lord (SATB a cappella)
Relentless Joy (worship song)
Rescue the Perishing (clarinet solo w/accomp.)
Robinson Crusoe
Saints, etc. (brass quintet)
Saints, etc. (trombone duet w/piano accompaniment)
Salvation is Created (piano solo)
Salvation is Created (SATTBB a cappella)
Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us (trombone quartet)
Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us (woodwind quartet)
Sheet Music (pdf)
Sheet Music for Large Ensembles
Shine Out Like Beacons (SATB with piano)
Simple Gifts (brass quintet)
Singing of God's Love (SATB w/accomp.)
Six Chorales of J. S. Bach
Slide Suite No. I: Rag (trombone sextet)
Slide Suite No. II: Barbershop (trombone quartet)
Slide Suite No. III: Spiritual (trombone sextet)
Slide Suite No. IV: Doo Wop (trombone sextet)
Slide Suite No. V: Fight Song (trombone sextet)
Smart Flight: Learning to Fly in the UK
So There is Now (BWV 227 No. II, brass quintet)
So There Is Now (BWV 227 No. II, SSATB)
Sonatina in D (piano solo)
Swedish Folk Melody (flute/cello duet)
Tango (brass quintet)
Tango (saxophone quintet)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Answering Machine Song (SATB with solo, a cappella)
The God of Abraham Praise (SATB a cappella)

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