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Piper created the PA-24 Comanche primarily to compete with Beech's V-Tailed Bonanza. It appears that Piper hit a home run in one of their first at-bats in the all-metal four-place single market. Preceeding the Cherokee series, and remaining in production for only about a decade (tooling was lost in a flood in 1971), the PA-24 is a prized aircraft today, and most of the examples found flying are well cared for.

Here are photos of three different Comanches, at rest and taxiing, taken at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2001. These may well be among the best examples of Comanches in the U.S. general aviation fleet.

Very few pilots have not seen a Comanche and thought that it would be a nice airplane to own, and a great many have found that they simply had to have one.

Whether you are a Comanche fanatic or simply like to look at its clean and slippery lines, you will enjoy having these photos to rotate in as your windows wallpaper.

Eight photos in a zipped archive, each 1024 by 768 pixels, 256 color. Sharp enough to please the eye, but easy on system resources.

Simply download the zip archive, unzip it in your Windows folder, and you can select any of the eight photos to be your active desktop wallpaper.

Eight BMP files in one zip archive, 18144K. Sample BMPs are at approximately 1/3 the resolution of the BMPs in the zip archive.