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Same piece arranged for brass quintet.

The tango is just a little over a hundred years old, so it seems fitting that we should celebrate by offering one here.

This piece starts simply enough, beginning with a very standard tango opening in unison. The baritone and tenor saxes then begin the bass line, and the two altos and the soprano come in with a simple melody over the top.

For the B section, the three upper voices break into parts in flowing harmony over the bass line.

The transition features the second alto on a high melody, with the first alto and the soprano playing a little latin-sounding answer over the top.

The B section repeats, then the A section, and we're done.

This piece is written for Bb soprano saxophone, two Eb alto saxophones, Bb tenor saxophone, and Eb baritone saxophone. There are no alternate parts if you do not have that voicing, but you can always use a clarinet to cover the soprano sax part.

MP3 sound sample: entire piece (synthesizer/midi).

TANGO by Tom Kirkland for sax quintet consisting of one Bb soprano sax, two Eb alto saxes, one Bb tenor sax, and one Eb baritone sax, comes in a pdf file of 1050K, with a seven-page score, five two-page parts, and a license page, eighteen pages in all. Performance time should be just under three minutes.