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Every group needs an opener, and it should be something that warms up those people who came to hear. This song has been used by both the old New Song Singers based in Minneapolis and the Covenant Four Quartet based in San Francisco for the best part of twenty-five years. It is consistent in its ability to be used to open a crowd up to hear what is about to come, and its snappy lyric is a real treat, with a real message.


Singing songs of happiness,
Songs designed to tell you this:
There is joy when you're abiding
In God's love and there residing.
Singing, singing, singing of God's love!

There are songs of great romance,
Songs that make you want to dance,
Songs that keep your toes a tappin',
Songs that keep your fingers snappin'.
We are singing only of God's love.

Songs that tell us Jesus paid the price by which our lives are saved.
When we come in faith believing, God the Father is forgiving.

Singing songs of our redemption,
Songs of joy is our intention,
Songs of praise! To God the Glory!
Happy songs to tell our story.
Singing, singing, singing of God's love!


Note that the brass parts heard in the sound sample are not included in the printed music. The piano part improvised by Tim Amstutz is only loosely based on David's manuscript. The sound sample also includes the transition into Todd Krause's trombone solo, whereas the printed music reprises the bridge and final chorus and has a big ending without going into "For God So Loved the World..."

MP3 sound sample: New Song Singers, 1975.

SINGING OF GOD'S LOVE by David Hepburn comes in a PDF file of 1288K, eight pages in all, including the SATB version with simple piano accompaniment, and a solo version with the same piano accompaniment and guitar chords. Performance time, about 1:15.