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Same piece for saxophone sextet.

Why should the woodwind players have all the fun? Mozart wrote some fun chamber music for woodwind ensembles that is interesting and lively to listen to and fun to perform. It was high time something like this was arranged for trombone sextet.

Not that trombone sextets are that easy to come by, but most college bands will have at least six players good enough to handle this piece.

It is written to be used as a single piece with a segue directly from one section to the other. Of course, you can cut it up or perform it with a pause between as suits your ensemble.

Faint hearts beware, as all six parts are pretty even in difficulty, requiring extended eigth-note runs of all players and sixteenth-note patterns of all but the bass trombone player. The bass trombone will need to have a solid low C for the solo "clean-up" cadences in the minuet, so nobody gets off easy.

This could be a fun intermission piece for a band concert, or an encore piece for a multi-trombone recital.

One thing that bears asking is please, please, I beg you, do not substitute valve trombones or baritone/euphonium horns for real honest slide trombones in this piece. The best effect is the common sonority and singing effect of real slide trombones, played by people who understand and appreciate the particular subtle grace of being able to play completely in tune, both lip and tube, with real vibrato and genuine vocal effect.

Now, you could use this piece with five euphoniums and a tuba, or six bassoons, or five cellos and a bass, and it would be interesting and satisfying, but that is not the intent. If you must use trombone surrogates, then please substitue all of the parts with voices from the same family.

MP3 sound sample: Entire piece (synthesizer/midi).

MINUET AND SERENADE, an arrangement of two short Mozart woodwind pieces for six trombones (five tenors and a bass) by Tom Kirkland, comes in a pdf file of 1111K, with an eleven-page score, six three-page parts, and a license page, thirty pages in all. Performance time should be approximately 3:40 to 3:50.