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Product Description

Same piece for trombone sextet.

Mozart wrote some fun chamber music for woodwind ensembles that is interesting and lively to listen to and fun to perform. We've taken a couple of these pieces and arranged them as a two-movement mini-suite for saxophone quintet. The saxophone did not come along until several decades after Mozart's death, but this re-engineering of his work for this newer instrument produces a pleasing effect.

It is written to be used as a single piece with a segue directly from one section to the other. Of course, you can cut it up or perform it with a pause between as suits your ensemble.

This could be a fun intermission piece for a band concert, or an encore piece for a multi-sax recital.

The instrumentation is one soprano saxophone, three alto saxophones, one tenor saxophone, and one baritone saxophone. There are no alternate parts provided.

MP3 sound sample: Entire piece (synthesizer/midi).

MINUET AND SERENADE, an arrangement of two short Mozart woodwind pieces for six saxophones (one soprano, three altos, one tenor, and one baritone) by Tom Kirkland, comes in a pdf file of 339K, with a eleven-page score, six two-page parts, and a license page, twenty-four pages in all. Performance time should be approximately 3:40 to 3:50.