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I believe that God created aviators because they have a deep and abundant appreciation of the sky. They alone truly know the beauty of life in the air. They alone truly understand and appreciate the feeling of oneness with God when they fly. It is a feeling each of them knows unquestionably in their heart and soul.

Jennifer McDowell

The author recounts his attainment of a private pilot's license during the winter of 1995/96 in full detail, from the first lesson through the check ride. Almost all of the book was written within hours of the events described. Written in journal style. A complete record of every task that had to be mastered, every fear and misconception that had to be overcome. Filled with emotional highs and lows. Comes complete with a happy ending.

The emotional graph of learning to fly is like a checkmark. You start out excited, but quickly discover how much there is to learn. When it comes to mastering landings, most student pilots go through a period where they start to lose faith that they will ever learn. Then, some time after the first solo, confidence begins to build, and with it the upward swing that culminates in a feeling that comes from a precious few moments in a lifetime: the successful completion of the private pilot practical examination.

This book follows faithfully every step that was required to fulfill the FAA's requirements for the private pilot certificate, but does not attempt to be a textbook. The focus is on what it feels like to be a student pilot, not what each knob and switch does. It is a story told with humor, and with personal insights as to emotional state at every step along the way. A true story that reads like a novel. PDF file, 2240K.

Author: Tom Kirkland

Tom is now an instrument-rated commercial pilot rated in single-engine land and sea planes.

Length: 203 pages.