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Product Description

Three pieces for the choir director's toolbox.

BREAK THOU THE BREAD OF LIFE, by Sherwin and Lathbury, two verses, performance time of approximately 1:25. This piece is often performed during a communion time, but does not actually refer to the communion bread but the Bible as the bread of life. Appropriate for a pre-sermon piece.

LEAD ME LORD, by Samuel S. Wesley, performance time of approximately 0:53. A setting of Psalms 5:8 and 4:8. A prayer for guidance, especially in a difficult time.

CAST THY BURDEN UPON THE LORD, by Felix Mendelssohn, performance time of approximately 1:10. A setting of Psalm 55:22 with a poetic addition. From "Elijah," written in 1846.

MP3 sound sample: All three pieces in entirety (synthesizer/midi).

THREE SERVICE PIECES FOR CHOIR comes in a pdf file of 634K, with three pages of music, each piece on its own page, all four parts written on two staves (therefore easier to to play on piano or organ) plus a license page, four pages in all.