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Ten of the fifteen verses of Psalm 92 are represented in this worship song, many in paraphrase. This is a simple song with a strong hook that is suitable for solo or group singing, as well as congregational singing.

The range is from C to E, just a tenth. There is a written alto/tenor part to go with the chorus. The chorus contains the highest notes in the melody line.

This song was first done in a worship service with baritone solo voice, two backup singers (alto and tenor on the chorus), two guitars, piano, bass and drums, and received many positive comments.

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It's good to give You thanks, O Lord,
And sing praises to Your name!
To declare Your mercy in the morning,
Your faithfulness by night!
For You, O Lord, have made me glad
By all that You have done.
I'll sing for joy at the works of Your hands,
My Rock, The Righteous One!

How wonderful Your works, O Lord,
Your thoughts are very deep.
You dwell on high eternally,
And crush Your enemies.
You make the righteous thrive,
When planted in Your courts.
I'll sing for joy at the works of Your hands,
My Rock, The Righteous One!

Let the music sound
From every instrument!
Let every voice cry out;
Sing praises to Your name!
Declare the Lord is living today,
My Rock, The Righteous One!

+ + +

MP3 sound sample: entire piece (synthesizer/midi).

MY ROCK, THE RIGHTEOUS ONE (PSALM 92), a worship song by Tom Kirkland, comes in a pdf file of 495k, with a six-page piano score, a two-page song sheet (melody line with lyrics and chords), a two-page guitar lead sheet with lyrics and chords, and a license page, eleven pages in all. Performance time should be about 3:45.