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Product Description

This original piece is a classic example of David Hepburn's choral style, and a classic example of the very real love of God that David has always felt so strongly and written and spoken so movingly about.

The lyric is self-explanatory:

God made the mountains rise, placed ev'ry tree.
He fixed each star in the sky and filled the sea.
He guides the universe, the rain and the wind.
He is the Alpha, Omega, the Beginning and the End.

Yet the Lord is my Shepherd, and He cares for me,
Like a father with his child He knows my ev'ry need.
And because He knows I'm weak, and because He loves me so,
He extends His grace and pardon and says, "Child, I love you so."

"I love you more than the mountains or the birds of the air,
More than the lilies of the fields in all their beauty."
"More than the flowers that bloom and are here for but a day,
I love you as My precious child, I love you as My precious child,
I love you as My precious child,
My child, I love you."

This piece can be performed by choirs of all sizes (be forewarned, however, that all four parts do split at times) with or without piano accompaniment. The basses need a low F and the sopranos need a high A. On the whole, a very effective and singable piece.

MP3 sound sample: Entire piece (synthesizer/midi).

MY CHILD I LOVE YOU, an original choral anthem by David Hepburn, comes in a pdf file of 644K, with a seven-page score and a license page, eight pages in all. Performance time should be approximately 3:15.