Item# TRK10072A

Product Description

This simple little arrangement for trombone and strings makes a very nice prelude or special for a Christmas eve, Christmas day, or advent service. The piece sounds much better than the midi rendering would indicate, since it is near impossible to work expression into midi.

Rather than creating separate parts sheets for each player, the score was kept to four pages so all players can play from the score. This seemed important since this piece meanders freely from 3/2 to 2/2 time and back again. I have always found it easier to play such pieces when one can see all of the parts at the same time. The string quartet parts are rendered visually on a grand staff so this piece can easily be performed with a trombone (or baritone horn, cello, bassoon) and a string synthesizer (or pipe organ) if desired.

MP3 sound sample: Entire piece (synthesizer/midi).

LO, HOW A ROSE E'ER BLOOMING arranged by Tom Kirkland for Solo Trombone with String Quartet, comes in a pdf file of 239K, with a four-page score and a license page, five pages in all. Performance time should be approximately 3:30.