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Product Description

This is the overture for the two-act musical play "A Giant Inflatable Christmas." As such it is intended to give the audience a taste of the tunes they will be hearing during the show. All five of the tunes featured in this piece are sung in the first act.

The tunes are (in order): The Boss is Gonna Be Here Any Minute, A Company is a Legacy, A Pretty Good Idea, What's a Single Mom to Do?, and Things We Will Never Do. There are a couple of quick showtune-style numbers, a stately march, a tango, and a ballad, as well as a dramatic beginning and ending all derived from musical material from the first act.

This piece is intended to be played by the 20-piece pit orchestra for the show, with the following instrumentation:

Clarinet 1 & 2 (one each)
Tenor Sax
Trumpet 1 & 2 (one each)
F Horn 1 & 2 (one each)
Trombone 1 & 2 (one each)
Violin 1 & 2 (two each)
Keyboard (electric grand or acoustic piano)
Guitar (one player: hollow body electric and steel string acoustic)
Electric Bass
Percussion (one player: tympani, wood block, chimes)
Drum Kit (one player: bass, snare, ride, crash, guiro)

Substitute parts are provided for:

Alto Sax (same part as tenor sax)
Flugelhorn (same part as F Horn 1)
Euphonium (same part as F Horn 2)

There is at least one part that every instrument normally found in a band or orchestra can play (bari sax or bassoon can play off the cello part, oboe off the flute or violin, etc.), so if you have at least 18 pieces that can cover the parts on the first list (or their alternates on the second), your group can perform this piece.

Note that there is no stand-alone solo or rehearsal piano part included in the pdf.

MP3 sound sample: entire piece (synthesizer/midi).

A GIANT INFLATABLE OVERTURE by Tom Kirkland for 20-piece orchestra comes in a pdf file of 629K, with an eleven-page score, eleven two-page parts, two three-page parts, two five-page parts, and a license page, fifty pages in all. Performance time should be about five minutes.