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Product Description

If there is background music in heaven, perhaps this piece is in heavy rotation. It is hard to think of any music that is easier to lose yourself in than that of J. S. Bach, and it is hard to think of any Bach piece that is more true of than this one.

Virgil Fox used to play this piece when he did his "heavy organ" concerts, and while he was a little more free with the timing than is evident in the midi rendering, his overall concept was a good one. Basically, he eliminated the arpeggiated accompaniment and allowed the melody to flow over a simple background of sustained chords.

In this arrangement, we find a similar approach. The melody is so compelling that there is little reason to embellish the accompaniment. The organ simply does not lend itself to apreggio-style accompaniments as does say, the harp or the guitar. So we present a sedate and mature rendering of the Bach's Arioso, suitable for weddings or other occasions where something dignified and flowing is needed. Oh, and it's also quite beautiful.

You Tube Video incorporating a recording of this piece by organist Willem Lobbezoo as its sound track.

MP3 sound sample: Entire piece (synthesizer/midi).

J. S. Bach's ARIOSO, arranged for solo organ by Tom Kirkland, comes in a PDF file of 1008K that contains a three page score and a license page, four pages in all. Performance time should be around 3:00. The piece can be shortened by beginning with the second page.