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Product Description

This piece was arranged specifically for use at a professional sporting event. It was therefore intended to be artistic yet respectful and singable for those in the crowd who like to do that. To suit the range of the trombone, however, we ended up in concert F, which many will find to not be a very singable key.

Written for four tenor and two bass trombones, the first tenor part is quite high (writing in concert F means the high note in the first part is a D, and the high note in the second part is an A). For this reason, we have included three first parts, alto in Eb, tenor in tenor clef, and tenor in bass clef with lots and lots of ledger lines.

The two bass parts are easily managed by a tenor with F attachment and a true bass trombone.

This arrangement could also be played by five euphoniums and a tuba.

The opening phrases are quiet and legato, and the piece finishes with a grand maestoso, a waterfall on the word "free," and a dramatic ending. Enjoy!

MP3 sound sample: entire piece (synthesizer/midi).

THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER arranged by Tom Kirkland for six trombones, four tenors and two basses, plus alternate parts, comes in a pdf file of 207K, with a three-page score, eight one-page parts and a license page, twelve pages in all. Performance time should be about 1:20.