Item# TRK10189A

Product Description

The repetitive main motif of this piece, when presented in an overlapping fashion, produces a sea of harmonic motion that gives the impression of one continuous vocal phrase from start to finish. It was therefore named Chanson, the French word for song.

The piece itself has a bit of a baroque feel, but the occasional dissonant harmonies would definitely not be something found in a piece from that time.

For the brass quintet that is looking for something a little bit familiar, but a little bit different.

MP3 sound sample: entire piece (synthesizer/midi).

CHANSON by Tom Kirkland for brass quintet consisting of two trumpets, F horn, trombone, and tuba, comes in a pdf file of 311K, with a ten-page score, five two-page parts, and a license page, twenty-one pages in all. Performance time should be about three minutes.