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Antonio Vivaldi was a little older than J. S. Bach and his music influenced Bach considerably. Vivaldi's music, however, always seems to be lighter and livelier than Bach's. Vivaldi was a master of the simple, almost mathematically precise phrase. When listening to Vivaldi, the ear is almost never surprised by where the music goes.

Vivaldi's music, like Bach's, was considered outdated and lost favor after immediately his death, and Vivaldi did not become "popular" again in classical music circles until the early 20th century. His concerto for two trumpets has been a favorite of trumpeters for almost a century now.

Written for two natural (valveless) trumpets pitched in C accompanied by a five-voice string orchestra, the piece is in three movements, the Allegro in 4/4 time presented here, followed by a brief Largo, which gives way to a slightly longer Allegro in 3/4 time.

This piece is usually performed by two modern (valved) C trumpets with a chamber orchestra, or possibly with piano accompaniment. The problem with this is that a great many high schools do not have a chamber orchestra of quality on par with their concert band. Such a school would then not be able to expose its students to this work, even if they had access to trumpeters capable of playing it.

For this reason, we chose to re-score this work for two C trumpets and a reed ensemble consisting of clarinets, alto and tenor saxes, and bass clarinets. Most high school bands, even at smaller schools, will be able to put together such an ensemble from within their band, and thus be able to perform this work.

So we present the first movement of the Vivaldi Concerto in C Major for Two Trumpets RV537 with the following parts included in the pdf file:

C Trumpet 1
C Trumpet 2
Clarinet 1
Clarinet 2
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Bass Clarinet

MP3 sound sample: entire piece (synthesizer/midi).

CONCERTO IN C MAJOR FOR TWO TRUMPETS - RV 537 - NO. I by Antonio Vivaldi, arranged for two C trumpets and woodwind ensemble by Tom Kirkland, comes in a pdf file of 464K, including a nineteen-page score, seven two-page parts, and a license page, thirty-four pages in all. Performance time should be about three minutes.